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SwordSoft Mousetrack is a useful tool for presentations or demos. It can puts a spotlight on the area around the mouse pointer, show animation effect when you click your mouse and displays your keystrokes on the screen.


Puts a spotlight on the area around the mouse pointer.

Livedraw and livezoom
Annotate overlap on your screen and zoom your screen.

Animation effect of mouse click
Show animation effect when you click your mouse.

Displays your keystrokes
Displays your keystrokes on the screen.


SwordSoft Mousetrack SwordSoft Mousetrack SwordSoft Mousetrack SwordSoft Mousetrack
SwordSoft Mousetrack Mousetrack Remote Mousetrack Remote Mousetrack Remote

» Download for Windows

Compatibility Microsoft Windows OS

Download SwordSoft Mousetrack for Windows

If you want to install SwordSoft Mousetrack software free version (can't save settings) or full version (need license key to activate) on Windows OS, please click the link below to download.

Download for Windows
No Adware No Spyware
If you download SwordSoft Mousetrack by Google Chrome, you may get some warning like this "SwordSoft Mousetrack.zip is not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous. Just ignore the warning and keep file.

Buy license for Windows

After you complete the purchase, the product license key appears on your receipt page. (A receipt page will also be sent to you via e-mail.) You will need this license key to activate your product, so be sure to save it. If you do not receive this email within 24 hours of your purchase please contact SwordSoft at your earliest convenience.

Since you already installed the free version on your computer, you do not need to download the files again. Just enter your license key in the registration dialog to turn the free version into the fully functioning product.

Products Price (USD) License Type Pay Now Links
SwordSoft Mousetrack for Windows $2.99 1 Instance, Lifetime Free Upgrades Purchase

» Mousetrack Remote

Mousetrack Remote for Android

Transform your android phone or tablet into a wireless mouse, keyboard using Mousetrack Remote. Mousetrack Remote enables you to control your windows PC through a local network connection.

Android app on Google Play

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